3 Clever Ways to Use a Fake Camera for Kik

Want to know what a fake Kik camera is? Unsure what to use it for? In this quick guide, we’ll go over what a fake camera for Kik is, why you might want to use one, and how to get a Kik fake camera app for your own phone.

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Which Short Haircut for Women Fits You? 13 Great Hairstyles

You’ve poured over hair inspiration Pinterest boards. You’ve photoshopped celebrity haircuts onto your head. You’ve pinned up the ends of your hair to make a faux bob. And you’ve decided: it’s time to get a short haircut. Women are often nervous to crop their locks, even once they’ve made up their mind to take the plunge. You might worry that the cut you choose won’t flatter your face or will be impossible to style. You could be concerned about grave miscommunications with your stylist. Well, worry no longer! In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about short haircuts for women. What should you consider before going short? How do you pick a style flattering to your face shape and hair texture? What short hairstyles for women are even out there? And what cute hairstyles for short hair are out there once you do have shorn locks? It’s all here in this comprehensive guide.

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The Ultimate Guide to the 28 Main Greek Gods and Goddesses

Few figures from ancient mythology are as popular and well-known today as the Greek gods. You can find them in books and movies, company names and halloween costumes, and even in space, where tons of astrological features are named after them! But what if you want to know more about the Greek goddesses and gods than just their names and a vague idea of their function? In this article we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to the Greek pantheon, starting with an introduction to the Greek gods and their mythic origins. Then we’ll do a deep dive on the Twelve Olympians, go over some other important minor deities, discuss Greek gods family tree, the history of their worship, and wrap up with all the places you might encounter this ancient pantheon today!

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Who Is Bastet? Complete Guide to the Egyptian Cat Goddess

Lion and cat and woman, goddess of war and fertility—the Egyptian goddess Bast (also known as Bastet) contains multitudes. While she’s not the only cat goddess from ancient history, Bastet is probably the most famous cat goddess today. She has a strong presence in pop culture and a select few even still worship her! In this complete guide to Bastet, we’ll go over exactly what makes this Egyptian cat goddess so compelling. We’ll describe her attributes, how she was depicted in ancient Egypt, her major relationships, how she was worshipped, her major myths, and the history of her worship. We’ll close out with where you might encounter Bast, goddess of cats, today.

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4 Simple Steps for How to Measure Bra Size

Bras: most ladies wear ‘em. But did you know that lots of women—perhaps even the majority—are wearing the incorrect bra size? This can cause back pain, discomfort from poking wires, and poor shaping of the breasts. So how do you get into the right size? In this article, we’ll provide your complete bra size guide. We’ll discuss why incorrect bra sizes are so prevalent, key indicators of bra fit, a complete step-by-step guide to measuring your size, and some final advice and troubleshooting on bra sizing.

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Different Types of Bras: 37 Cuts, Shapes, and Styles

When you walk into the lingerie section of the department store, you’re confronted with tons of bra types, bra designs, and bra styles. Balconette! Bandeau! Plunge! Push-up! There are so many different types of bras that it can be overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about all the different types of bras out there. First, we’ll go over the different parts of a bra, so you can better understand the differences between different types of bras. Then we’ll go over bra types for everyday wear and bra types for special occasions and special circumstances. Finally we’ll discuss how to choose a bra for a given day or activity. Soon you’ll be a lingerie wizard!

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The Most Accurate Bra Size Calculator/Chart, Here

The idea of a bra size calculator or bra size chart can be really appealing. Just enter in some measurements, and voila! It will calculate bra sizes for you. But do they really work? How do you find a good bra size calculator? In this article, we’ll discuss how bra size calculators and bra size charts work, provide our own reliable bra size chart, and explain how to use it! We also include a US-UK bra size converter.

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18 Best Love Flowers: A Practical Guide to Romantic Flowers

Buying flowers for a significant other can be a nerve-wracking experience. You want to choose a bouquet that’s in your budget, pretty, and will send the right message. Luckily, we’re here to help you craft the perfect bouquet of love flowers. In this article, we’ll first discuss what factors are important to consider when crafting romantic bouquets and Valentine’s flowers. Then, we’ll provide suggestions for the most appropriate flowers for the early phases of a new relationship, an established relationship, weddings, and anniversaries. We’ll wrap up with some flowers to avoid for romantic purposes.

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35 Flower Meanings You Must Get Right: The Language of Flowers

Most everyone knows that the rose is associated with love. But did you know that the marigold represents grief, pansies represent thoughtful remembrance, and the sweet pea symbolizes lasting pleasure? There’s an entire language of flowers, in which different blooms carry different meanings. So if you’re selecting flowers for a particular occasion, it’s useful to know more about flower meanings and symbolism. Bouquets and blooms are frequently involved in events like graduations, performances, funerals, anniversaries, and perhaps most notably, weddings. What floral choices are the most appropriate or meaningful for what occasions? In this article, we’ll provide a brief introduction to the concept of flower meanings. Then we’ll give a guide to flower symbolism for thirty-five popular flowers. We’ll also discuss their cost, seasonal availability, and what flowers may be most appropriate for a particular event or circumstance. We’ll close out with a handy index so you can find flowers by price, season, birthday month, and anniversary year.

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