The Top 15 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend for Love


We’ve all heard a number of cliche, supposedly cute “pick-up lines” and “compliments” that people who don’t know any better use on their girlfriends. Some classics include “Is your daddy a thief? Because he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes” and “I would rearrange the dictionary and put u and I together.” Alas, unless you’re super charismatic or saying these lines ironically, they’re probably not going to work.

If you’re at a loss for what to say to your girlfriend, this guide is for you. We’ll suggest some cute things to say to your girlfriend and offer you some advice on things you should definitely NOT say to your girlfriend.

The most important things to remember are that your compliments should be genuine and not all women are the same. What one woman finds cute, another may find obnoxious and vice versa. Use your knowledge of your girlfriend to help guide you.


What Are Girls Looking for in Cute Comments?

Your cute comments should make your girlfriend feel special and loved (or at least liked a lot). The lines you find on most lists of cute things to say to a girl often don’t work because they can be used on any woman. Your girlfriend isn’t going to find your comment cute if she suspects it’s one you’ve used before with somebody else.

Plus, the classic lines are unoriginal. If you use one, your girlfriend may not give you much credit because she’ll know it’s not something you came up with yourself.

Your girlfriend wants to feel like you’re being sincere. If you tell her she’s beautiful or you love spending time with her, she’s not going to think that’s cute if she doesn’t believe you. It doesn’t just matter what you say, but how you say it.

In fact, delivery is the most important part of making these nice things to say to your girlfriend work. When you want to deliver your line, look her in her eyes and try to use your sweetest tone of voice. If you’re struggling, just think about how much she means to you while you’re talking.

It’s usually better to say these romantic words for her in person as opposed to calling, texting, emailing, Snapchatting, or Facebook messaging. She’s your girlfriend; you don’t have to slide into her DMs.


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The Cutest Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Some of these cute things to say to your girlfriend aren’t overly witty or inventive, but if you say them and mean them, she’s going to think you’re super duper cute.


#1: “Is it hot in here or is it just you?”

We’re starting it off with one of the classic nice things to say to your girlfriend. We know we said not to use any classic line, but every rule was made to be broken. Typically, this works best if she says “Is it hot in here?” And you respond with “No, it’s just you.” You have to say it in a suggestive tone. You don’t want her thinking that she has a fever or is getting hot flashes.

Yes, it’s corny and unoriginal, but it will almost always get a smile and a laugh. And she’ll be reminded that you think she’s hot. How cute!


#2: “I’m happy just being with you.”

You can say this unprompted, but it works best if you say it after your girlfriend asks you what you want to do. She’s focused on making plans and then you remind her that what matters aren’t your plans but that you’re together. You know that’s cute.

However, if she’s hungry and wants you to decide on a restaurant, just pick a place or offer a suggestion. She may not be in the mood for cuteness if she needs to eat.


#3: Say a line from her favorite song, book, movie, or TV show

Women tend to appreciate when their partners listen and learn about their interests. If you’re able to recite a quote from something your girlfriend loves, then you’re showing that you’ve been paying attention. Totally cute! And if you can seamlessly insert the quote into a conversation that you’re having, that’s even cuter.


#4: “Good Morning!” and “Goodnight!”

These couldn’t get more basic, but people so often forget to say them to their significant others.

If you’re not physically with your girlfriend when you go to sleep or wake up, call her to say good morning or goodnight. You can text if you don’t want to risk waking her with a phone call, but some women prefer phone calls. Use your discretion!

If you’re with her, make sure to say goodnight before you go to sleep and good morning when you wake up. That’s a little something to show you care, and caring is adorable.


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#5:  “As long as we got each other…we got the world spinnin’ right in our hands.”

This is a line from the theme song of a popular 1980s tv show called Growing Pains. If your girlfriend is familiar with the song, she’ll thoroughly appreciate your reference to a timeless classic.

If she’s not familiar with the song, she’ll think you’re making an incredibly cute statement about how all you need is each other.


#6: “Did you (insert change to her appearance)? I really like it!”

Being observant will get you brownie points. If you notice that your girlfriend is wearing a new top, got a haircut, did her makeup differently, or is rockin’ some new shoes, acknowledge that and compliment her new look.

If you acknowledge a change in appearance but don’t immediately follow up your observation with a compliment, that’s a no-no. Your girlfriend may think you don’t like what you see, and that’s not good.


#7: “I miss you.”

Another extremely simple thing, but one that often goes unsaid. If you’re away from your girlfriend and you tell her you miss her, you’re letting her know how much you appreciate being with her, and you’re showing a willingness to be vulnerable. Totally precious!


#8: Sing some compliments to her

There’s something about singing that is extra cute. Even if you can’t sing, your girlfriend will probably appreciate the effort. You can try to compose an actual song if you have that ability, or you can just sing the sweetest thoughts you have about her. Make up your own tune. Give a passionate performance. It will be fun, and she’ll brag about you to her friends.




#9: “I believe in you.” / “You’re going to do great.”

Use this line when your girlfriend is stressed about something. If she’s worried about an upcoming test or job interview, you can reassure her by letting her know that you have faith in her and her abilities. That’s definitely cute.


10: “Everything is going to be fine as long as we’re together.” / “I’ll always love you no matter what happens.”

If your girlfriend is anxious about school, job, money, health, or life problems, you can assure her that you love her no matter what. It’ll help calm her and remind her how much you care. Super sweet.


#11: “Why are you so beautiful?”

This one works best as a performance. Stare at her like you’re confused. At some point, she’ll start to feel self-conscious and say “what?” Then respond with this line. You’ll catch her off guard and an unexpected compliment is positively precious.


#12: “You’re amazing (just the way you are).”

Yeah, Bruno Mars can be a little cheesy, but he got this line right. Use it if she asks you “how do I look?” or “does this make me look fat?” It’s sure to make her smile. So adorable.




#13: “You still give me butterflies.”

This one works best if you’ve been with your girlfriend for a while. You don’t want your girlfriend questioning whether you’re still as into her as you were when you first met. If you let her know that after all the time you’ve been together, she still makes you just as excited, she’s bound to find that sweet.


#14: “Thank you, you’re wonderful.” / “Thank you, I’m so lucky to be with you.”

This one is a great response if your girlfriend does something kind for you. Even if it’s something small like cleaning your room or picking up your dry cleaning, she’ll like that you noticed. It’s nice to feel appreciated for what you do. She’ll think you’re extremely thoughtful.


#15: “You must eat Lucky Charms for breakfast because you’re magically delicious.”

The last thing on the list is another classic, but it’s a good one and it’s far less creepy than many of the other trite romantic things to say.

It’s pretty funny and you’ll probably get a good response, but only use it on a girlfriend. Don’t use it as a pick-up line or on a woman you just met; that’s when a line like this may be viewed as weird or threatening, especially if the woman isn’t into you. And we’re trying to be cute not creepy!


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Things NOT to Say to Your Girlfriend

While saying cute things will be appreciated, there are things you may say that will unintentionally hurt your girlfriend’s feelings.

Some of these things may make her think you don’t care about her or don’t think she’s pretty. The last thing you want to do is make her feel uncomfortable or insecure. Avoid saying these things to her.


#1: Girlfriend: “I wish I had skinnier ___.” / “Do I look fat in ___?” / “I wish I was as thin as her.”

Boyfriend: “Well, you could be thinner if you switched up your diet and exercise regime.”

When your girlfriend asks you if she looks fat, she never ever wants you to say yes. She’s usually looking for reassurance that she looks great.

And if she’s expressing insecurities about her appearance, don’t offer ways for her to look better. That will make her feel worse than she did before she asked the question. Instead, try one of the lines above saying how perfect or amazing she looks.


#2: “You look tired.”

To your girlfriend, “you look tired” can translate to “you’re unattractive” or “you look ugly today.” Especially don’t say this to your girlfriend the first time you see her without makeup.

If she didn’t get any sleep and looks exhausted, show concern for her well-being; don’t comment on her appearance.


#3: Girlfriend: “I miss you. I want to see you.”

Boyfriend: “I want to see you too.”

When your girlfriend says she wants to see you, she’s trying to say “Hey, let’s make plans and go on a date.”

If you say “I want to see you too,” then she might think you’re delaying making plans with her and you’re not that into her anymore.

Okay, so a little extreme, but she’ll probably be annoyed by your response. Instead, you should respond by proposing a day and time you’ll see her next for a date. She’ll be thrilled!


#4: “Can we talk about something else?”

Don’t cut your girlfriend off and say this. She’ll think you don’t care about her thoughts and opinions. If you cut her off, she may cut you.

If you’re upset or bothered by what she’s saying, then tell her and tell her why. Let’s say she says, “I’m really hurt that you didn’t respond to my text last week.” If you say, “sorry, can we talk about something else?” she’ll be frustrated that you won’t address the issue. She may think you’re trying to hide something.

Instead say something like, “Babe, I’m sorry I didn’t respond. I was so busy with this school project, but it’s no excuse. Can’t talk now but I’ll call you tonight. Does that sounds good to you?”

Don’t invalidate her feelings or try to stop her from expressing herself.


#5: “My ex…..”

Generally, it’s best not to bring up any exes. Your girlfriend doesn’t want to be compared to anyone else. If she asks you about an ex, you can respond, but you shouldn’t be too complimentary about any ex.


body_hands over ears
She doesn’t want to hear about your ex.


#6: “You’re overreacting.”/ “Stop being so emotional.”

Your girlfriend is entitled to her emotions. If you say one of these things, she’ll feel belittled. You want to make her feel loved and respected, so you should respect her thoughts and feelings.

Really listen to what she’s saying, and rather than telling her to suppress or control her feelings, try to understand where she’s coming from.


#7: “I hate wearing condoms.” / “I only really like anal.” / “I only want to do it doggy style.”

It’s completely normal to have sexual preferences, but don’t force yours on your girlfriend. Sex should be a conversation. Don’t make her feel uncomfortable or pressured into doing sex your way.

Talk to her about what she likes and what she doesn’t feel comfortable doing.

Also, you should always practice safe sex. Even if you don’t like condoms, you should wear them. Safety first!


Finding Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend: The Bottom Line

Now that you’ve learned some romantic things to say and some expressions to avoid, you’re well-equipped with the right words to stay in your girlfriend’s good graces.

Above all, being cute is about showing effort and consideration. If you care about how your girlfriend feels and do your best to make her happy, then she’ll keep being happy with you.