How to Sext a Guy: 51 Examples to Drive Him Crazy


Ever wanted to sext a guy but didn’t know what to say? Sexting is all about being confident and knowing what you want, but you won’t turn him on if you have nothing good (or, rather, naughty) to say. In this guide, we teach you how to sext a guy using examples that are guaranteed to set his loins aflame.


Sexting a Guy: The Basics

To make a guy hard over text, you have to know how to sext well. We offer tons of tips in our article on how turn him on through texting (coming soon). Briefly, though, here are some of our top tips for sexting your guy:

  • Compliment him. Guys like to know how much they turn you on, even when they’re far away, so make sure to tell him how hot he is and why he arouses you.
  • Tell him exactly what you want to do. Be direct, but keep your requests (or commands) vague enough so you can leave a little to the imagination.
  • Describe how turned on you are. Nothing will turn him on more than knowing how turned on you are. Tell him exactly how you’re feeling, what you’re doing, or what you’re wearing to set the mood.

Now, let’s look at some specific examples of sexting a guy.


How to Sext a Guy: 51 Examples

Below are 50+ how-to-sext-a-guy examples. Feel free to use them as is or tweak them to better fit your dirty-talk style. We’ve divided our example sexts into five categories:

  • Complimentary sexts
  • Teasing sexts
  • Request and command sexts
  • Self-descriptive sexts
  • Funny sexts


Complimentary Sexts

  • I can’t stop thinking about your body.
  • You are so hot, and I am so horny.
  • When you get home, strip naked so I can see that hot body of yours.
  • Remember that sexy [piece of clothing or accessory] you have? Wear that, and only that, tonight.
  • You looked so fucking sexy today.
  • Love what you’re wearing. But you’d look even better if you took it all off.
  • I love the feeling of your fingers inside me.
  • I need you so bad it’s killing me.
  • God, you are so hot.
  • Don’t make me beg for you.


Teasing Sexts

  • Getting in the shower now. Wish you could join me …
  • I’ve been a naughty girl/boy today and need someone to punish me …
  • I know you’ve been stressed today, so let me take care of you tonight.
  • Tonight, all you need to do is lie back and let me do the work.
  • Last night was so hot. Shall we do an encore?
  • My mouth feels empty without you in it …
  • You can have your way with me tonight.
  • Porn doesn’t even compare to what I’m gonna do to you tonight.
  • Eating a popsicle and thinking of you …
  • If you could do anything you wanted to me, what would you do?
  • Up for a little roleplay tonight?
  • I’ve got a fun idea for a workout tonight …


Request & Command Sexts

  • I want your hands all over my body.
  • I want to lick you all over.
  • I need to feel you inside me.
  • I’m gonna ravage you as soon as you walk through that door.
  • Make me moan all night long.
  • I want you to fuck me so hard I won’t be able to walk right the next day.
  • I want you now.
  • I’m gonna make you come so hard you’ll never forget it.
  • I’m gonna give you the best blowjob of your life later.
  • Remember when you said you wanted to [fantasy]? Let’s try it tonight.
  • Tonight, you’re gonna beg me not to stop.
  • You’re not allowed to rest tonight until you pleasure me.


Self-Descriptive Sexts

  • I’m so wet/hard right now just thinking about you.
  • Thinking of you as I touch myself.
  • Picture this: me naked with a little whipped cream.
  • The more I think about our bodies pressed together, the wetter/harder I get.
  • I am so hot for you right now even porn isn’t getting me off.
  • Gonna touch myself. Wish you were here to watch …
  • I’m trying on some lingerie right now.
  • Missing the feeling of your tongue on me.
  • My body feels empty without you inside me.
  • I’m naked right now.
  • So horny thinking about that time we [past sexual experience].


Funny Sexts

  • Let’s play Pin the Tail on the Donkey. I’ll be the donkey, and your dick can be the tail.
  • I’m so wet right now you’ll need to wear a life jacket when you go down on me.
  • Wanna watch Game of Thrones? Or better yet, wanna bend me over and fuck me from behind Khal Drogo style?
  • What’s the difference between me and an oven? You don’t need a thermometer to see how hot I am.
  • I’m dying of horniness, and you’re dying of hunger. So why not eat me out tonight?
  • Knock knock. Who’s there? Do. Do who? Me, at 9 o’clock tonight.


Now that you’ve got tons of how-to-sext-your-boyfriend examples, pick one, get out your phone, and give it a shot!