How to Take Care of Your Man: 30 Fun, Sexy Ideas


If you love your man, you want him to know. There are tons of ways to show your boyfriend or husband that you care, from wearing something a little sexier than normal to cooking him a special dinner for no particular reason. Taking care of your man will help strengthen the bond between you and let him know you care.

Read on to find out 30 ways to show your partner how much you love him.


How to Take Care of Your Man

Wondering how to take care of your man? You’ve come to the right place.

Showing your guy you care is a great way to solidify your relationship. Taking care of your man doesn’t mean doing something huge or crazy to show your affection. There are small things you can do each day to let him know you love him.

Try out these 30 ideas for how to show your boyfriend you care.

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Man Emotionally

A great way to take care of your boyfriend or husband is to give him emotional support. Even if your partner doesn’t ask for emotional support, there are tons of great ways you can let him know you’re there for him.

  • Ask him how his day was.
  • Leave a note in his wallet or bag telling him you love him.
  • Send him a text message to let him know you’re thinking of him.
  • Help him prepare for a big meeting at work.
  • Go with him to important and difficult events, like funerals.
  • Give him space if he needs it.
  • Compliment him – both when you’re alone and in front of other people.
  • Truly listen to what he has to say.
  • Be respectful of his feelings.
  • Tell him you love him.

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Man Practically

While cooking your partner dinner or picking up his dry cleaning on a busy day may not seem like particularly sexy or exciting tasks, they can go a long way to show him you care. Here are some ideas for practical ways to support your partner.

  • Cook him dinner on days he’s too busy to cook himself.
  • Help him run errands when he has a lot going on.
  • Pick up things from the store he may need, like socks or underwear.
  • Help him remember important dates and appointments.
  • Walk his dog or take care of his pets if he’s out of town.
  • Pick him up from or take him to the airport when he’s going on a trip.
  • Pack his lunch if he’s got a busy day.
  • Set workout dates with each other.
  • Give him time to pursue his hobbies and hang out with his friends.
  • Surprise him by cleaning his car or fixing something around his house.

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Man Sexually

Wondering how to take care of your man sexually? Improving the sexual aspect of your relationship is a great way to improve intimacy. Consider these ten easy ideas for showing your man you care in the bedroom. Always make sure that you’re comfortable with what you’re trying in the bedroom.

  • Wear something sexy for him.
  • Send him a sexy text message in the middle of the day.
  • Try a new position in bed.
  • Buy new toys or oils to try in bed.
  • Be vocal about how much you enjoy him.
  • Get frisky somewhere besides the bedroom.
  • Indulge in one of his fantasies.
  • Get it on with the lights on.
  • Focus on the sensitive parts of his body.
  • Go to a hotel just for the night.


The Bottom Line on How to Take Care of Your Man

Taking care of your man is a great way to strengthen the relationship between the two of you. By providing him emotional and practical support and taking care of him sexually, you can deepen your bond and help your relationship last.