Christine graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in Environmental Biology and Geography and received her Master's from Duke University. In high school she scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and was named a National Merit Finalist. She has taught English and biology in several countries.

Stunning Tanzanite: Price, Meaning, and History of the Stone

Known for its glittery blue-violet color and its origins in the hills of East Africa, tanzanite may be one of the world’s most newly-discovered gemstones, but it has already achieved widespread popularity. From tanzanite’s unique characteristics, its discovery and history, and guidelines to purchasing tanzanite jewelry and stones, this guide covers everything you’ll want to know about this vibrant gemstone.

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Fascinating Facts About the January Birthstone: Gorgeous Garnet

January babies and the people who love them, get ready to learn about one of the oldest and diverse birthstones around: the garnet. This January birthstone has more than 20 different varieties, has been found on every continent, and has a history dating back thousands of years. Read on to learn everything you need to know about garnets, from the rainbow of colors they come in, to what they signify, and fun facts about this gemstone.

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