67 Hilarious “Would You Rather” Questions You Have to Try

Smabs Sputzer, used under CC 2.0

Would you rather have a side salad or a side of fries? Or, to make it a little harder, would you rather have a side of fries without anything to drink or a side salad with a soda of your choice?

BORING. We make these types of either-or decisions on a mundane level every day, but it’s fun to apply our same sense of good judgment to totally crazy scenarios that will never come up in real life!

We’ve written the best “would you rather” questions we could come up with in this article; try them on your friends and family in a Would You Rather game to learn more about their preferences when faced with crazy situations.

Feature image credit: Smabs Sputzer/Flickr


Fun and Funny “Would You Rather” Questions

Good “would you rather” questions can spark hilarious discussions in a variety of different situations. Here are 67 thought-provoking and funny questions (divided into six categories) that will stump you and lead to increasingly ridiculous justifications for your choices.


Would You Rather Questions About Body Modifications

1. Would you rather lose your pinkie toes or your pinkie fingers?

2. Would you rather be under four feet tall or over seven feet tall?

3. Would you rather have an alligator tail or a rhinoceros horn?

4. Would you rather have only one tooth (assuming you can’t get dentures) or a Voldemort nose (assuming you can’t get plastic surgery)?

5. Would you rather have no eyebrows or the hair of a troll doll?

6. Would you rather have two tongues stacked on top of each other or no tongue?

7. Would you rather have knees that bend in the wrong direction or elbows that bend in the wrong direction?

8. Would you rather have no neck (head just directly connected to the top of your torso) or a neck that’s a foot long?

9. Would you rather have fingernails that are a foot long and can’t be cut or have one of your arms be two feet longer than the other?

10. Would you rather have a third eye in the middle of your forehead or let a spider live in your hair permanently?

11. Would you rather have bright purple skin or have your normal skin color but with severe acne covering most of your body?

12. Would you rather have two permanent lazy eyes or always get nose bleeds at extremely embarrassing moments?


Image credit: zoefartsy
I’d subscribe (Image credit: zoefartsy/Flickr)


Would You Rather Questions About Powers and Personality

13. Would you rather be able to predict the future or read minds?

14. Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or have the agility of a cat?

15. Would you rather be able to speak every language fluently and live the life you have now or only be able to speak your native language but have the power to travel anywhere in the world at any time?

16. Would you rather be able to make your favorite food appear out of thin air immediately any time you wanted or be able to survive without food indefinitely?

17. Would you rather have the intellect of Einstein or the artistic talent of Picasso?

18. Would you rather be able to transform into the human form that is most attractive to whatever person you’re talking to or be able to transform into the human form that is most intimidating to whatever person you’re talking to?

19. Would you rather be able to climb walls like Spiderman or walk on water?

20. Would you rather be able to move objects with your mind or fast forward time whenever you wanted?

21. Would you rather be able to shape-shift into an inanimate object at any time or have x-ray vision and the ability to walk through walls? (this is for all you creeps out there)

22. Would you rather be able to talk to animals or have the ability to make plants grow really quickly with a wave of your hand?

23. Would you rather look young and feel like an old person or look old and feel like a young person?


Image credit: Tyrone Daryl
This arthritis is killin’ me bro (Image credit: Tyrone Daryl/Flickr)


Gross Would You Rather Questions

24. Would you rather have to use a public port-a-potty as a bathroom (but have a regular shower) or only be able to shower by dumping buckets of cold water over your head (but have a regular toilet)?

25. Would you rather throw up on your boss/teacher/professor or throw up on someone you just started dating?

26. Would you rather eat a piece of gum off the street or have your face licked by a raccoon?

27. Would you rather go bald or only be allowed to wash your hair once a month?

28. Would you rather smell like rotting fish or smell fine but sweat so much that you have to change your clothes five times a day?

29. Would you rather have to cough up a bunch of mucus every five minutes or burp after every bite of food that you take?

30. Would you rather spend the night in a dumpster or in a bathtub that’s covered in clumps of random hair?

31. Would you rather drink a glass of expired milk or have a severe hangover for 24 hours straight?

32. Would you rather lose control of your bladder during an important presentation or have the toilet overflow on you when you’re at your SO’s house meeting his/her parents for the first time?

33. Would you rather only eat donuts for a week or eat a whole sheet cake in one sitting?

34. Would you rather take care of 10 poorly behaved dogs or one poisonous snake that you had to feed a live mouse twice a day?


Open up, buddy! (Image credit: Leon Fishman)
Open up, buddy! (Image credit: Leon Fishman/Flickr)

Wacky Would You Rather Questions

35. Would you rather be forced to wear clown costumes for the rest of your life or actually have clown-sized feet and a red nose but be able to dress normally?

36. Would you rather have an itch that you can’t scratch for the rest of your life or compulsively scream really loudly every fifteen minutes for no reason?

37. Would you rather be trapped in an elevator with a really obnoxious person or with a good friend who happens to have terrible gas?

38. Would you rather never be able to listen to your favorite band again or be forced to only listen to your favorite band for the rest of your life?

39. Would you rather lose your phone while traveling in an unfamiliar city or stay in a hotel that has a severe problem with bedbugs?

40. Would you rather walk around all day wearing shoes that give you blisters or a hat that’s tight enough to give you a mild headache?

41. Would you rather go to a party and embarrass yourself so badly that you’ll cringe every time you think about it for the rest of your life or miss a party that would have been one of the most fun nights of your life?

42. Would you rather be poor and married to the love of your life or rich and married to someone you no longer love?

43. Would you rather be mistaken for a particular celebrity at least once a day and be mobbed by crazy fans or have everyone outside your immediate family call you by a name you hate that’s slightly different from your real name and refuse to correct themselves?

44. Would you rather be such a terrible cook that you burn every single thing you try to make or be the best chef in the world but never be able to eat any of the food you make?

45. Would you rather never have any romantic relationships in your entire life or have several relationships that all ended with the other person cheating on you with one of your family members?

46. Would you rather be woken up every morning by the sound of nails on a chalkboard or the feeling of someone placing an ice cube on your neck?


Nooooooooo (Image credit)
Nooooooooo take me back sweet oblivion (Image credit: Maldita la hora/Flickr)


Would You Rather Questions for Kids

47. Would you rather have another older sibling or another younger sibling?

48. Would you rather eat a whole plate of your least favorite vegetable or lose the ability to taste anything for a week?

49. Would you rather take a difficult test without studying at all or study for hours for a test that ends up being cancelled?

50. Would you rather be a cat or a dog?

51. Would you rather be a living human in a world of zombies or a zombie in a world of living humans?

52. Would you rather be allowed to skip school to go to an amusement park with your friends once a month or get to go on a week-long vacation to a destination of your choice at the end of each school year?

53. Would you rather cheat your way to an A in a class or do your own work and end up failing?

54. Would you rather be picked on constantly but still have a couple of really good friends or be popular but not have any meaningful friendships?

55. Would you rather move to a new school every two years or stay at one tiny school from kindergarten through senior year of high school with the same 20 kids in your class the entire time?

56. Would you rather go to a dance with someone you find annoying or go to a dance with your crush knowing that he or she is not interested in you romantically?

57. Would you rather wear a mascot costume to your first day at a new school and only be able to communicate through gestures or have your mom come to school with you and sit next to you in every class?


Image credit: Hubert Figuiere
Maybe people will be too scared to make fun of you? (Image credit: Hubert Figuiere/Flickr)


Would You Rather Questions for Adults

58. Would you rather say “Gadzooks!” really loudly every time you have an orgasm or be in a relationship with someone who insists that he/she can’t orgasm unless you turn on really bad show tunes at full volume in the background?

59. Would you rather be forced to discuss politics with your craziest relative for five hours or spend a whole day campaigning for a candidate you support and getting every single door slammed in your face?

60. Would you rather have no genitals or be missing one arm and one leg?

61. Would you rather black out and later learn that you spent $2,000 on a non-refundable purchase of a bouncy castle or that you got a small tattoo of your own face in a conspicuous place?

62. Would you rather buy an attractive stranger a drink only to have them throw it in your face and get both of you kicked out of the bar or buy an attractive stranger a drink, spend the night with them, and later find out they were dating one of your friends at the time?

63. Would you rather eat a super strong pot brownie and get called into work at a fast-paced customer service job or have to work closely with someone who only responds to your emails if you stand on your desk and recite the company motto?

64. Would you rather have your fiancee get cold feet and abandon you on your wedding day after you planned a low-key event or plan a big wedding, invite lots of people, and have all of the guests fail to attend?

65. Would you rather have you and your significant other constantly be mistaken for siblings or have your sibling constantly be mistaken for your significant other?

66. Would you rather miss the flight for a vacation you were really looking forward to or make the flight but be stuck on the plane for three hours before it took off?

67. Would you rather send out a bunch of job applications only to realize that you accidentally left the line “blah blah blah whatever you won’t read this” in your cover letter or look in the mirror after an interview for a job you really want and notice you had a huge glob of mayo on your face the entire time?


Image credit: US Embassy
Jim? Can you shred this guy’s application? Here at Hellman’s we have very strict quality control, and I don’t trust him not to dip into the product. (Image credit: US Embassy/Flickr)


3 Ways to Use “Would You Rather” Questions

“Would you rather” questions are awesome to use as components of party games or just conversation topics. Here are a few ways you can use them for fun in various social situations!


Introduction Tools

If you’re a camp counselor or a teacher, a “would you rather” game can be used as a way of introducing everyone. There’s less pressure for shy people to come up with something to say on the spot because there are only two options, but the answers to the questions will still tell you something interesting about each individual. As an exercise, you could go around and have each person state his or her name and answer a hard “would you rather” question.


Ice Breakers for Dates and Parties

The best “would you rather” questions can be great for getting to know new people. You can learn more about their perspectives on life and figure out whether their senses of humor line up with yours. These questions will always spark interesting discussions if you’re at a loss for what to say next.  


Drinking Games

There are lots of drinking games you could play with these questions, but here’s a simple one I invented. Pose a funny “would you rather” question to the group, and have everyone write down the option they would choose without revealing it to anyone else. Then, pick one person to start the game. Have everyone else make guesses about which choice that person made. After the person explains his or her real choice, those who guessed incorrectly have to drink!

These are just a few examples of things you can do with good “would you rather” questions. The possibilities are virtually infinite if you’re willing to get a little creative! Break these out at your next party to incite some interesting discussions and find out which of your friends has the most surprising priorities.