How to Make Him Hard Over Text: 5 Sexy Steps


Whether you’re in a serious relationship or have a guy you’ve got the hots for, a steamy sext can go a long way. But it’ll take a lot more than a lascivious pickup line and a suggestive pair of emojis to get his manhood roaring. Follow our step-by-step guide below to learn how to make him hard over text. With our tips, we guarantee he’ll be unable to take his mind off of you!


Step 1: Get Confident

Some people feel awkward or shy when it comes to sexting. Don’t be one of these people! Believe me: you are a sexy person who is 100 percent capable of learning how to make a guy hard over text. You just need the guts (and skills) to do it!

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, remember that sexting your guy should be, above all, fun. So try not to worry about every word you write or whether your fantasies sound weird. If you can’t tell him what you want, you’ll never have the awesome sex life you deserve!


Step 2: Make Him Feel Wanted

It’s not enough to just tell him what you want to do in bed—you have to make him feel wanted. So compliment your guy. Tell him how much you love the feeling of his tongue on you or how you can’t stop picturing his hot, naked body.

Be detailed, but don’t exaggerate his attributes. For example, don’t go on and on about how big his dick is if he’s on the less-endowed side; this will make him think you’re faking it and aren’t actually as into him as you say you are.


Step 3: Tell Him What You Want (but Leave Some to the Imagination)

Once you’ve opened your sext with a steamy compliment, write out exactly what you want to do with (or, better yet, to) him. Be bold and honest about your desires. If you’re craving oral sex, tell him so. If you’re feeling dominant, tell him you can’t wait to get on top of him and lick his body from head to toe.

Just be sure to leave a little to the imagination. There’s no need to write long-winded paragraphs about what you want to do (or what you want him to do). Your sext should ultimately act as a hook, ideally leading to an unforgettable rendezvous!


Step 4: Describe How Turned On You Are

Guys like to know how much they turn you on, even when they’re not around, so let him know exactly how you’re feeling in the moment. Describe to him how wet you are or how badly you crave the feeling of his dick inside you.

Alternatively, you can also mention what you’re (not) wearing, as long as it’s something sexy. For example, don’t be afraid to say that you’ve just gotten out of a shower or are lying in bed with your pants off. He won’t forget this line. Promise!


Step 5: Send a Sexy Pic (Optional)

Once you’ve sent your sext, you’ll hopefully get a similarly horny reply. If you’re feeling up to it, this is a great time to send him a sexy pic of yourself (naked, partly dressed, in lingerie, etc.). The visual stimulation, combined with your sext, will blow his mind.


Now that you know how to turn him on over text, don’t get hold back—if you’re horny, no matter where you are, get out your phone and let your guy know it!